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Updated: 2022-05-22
Toolbox of definitions for developing new projects and definitions.


bisection.ijs Bisection methodology for finding a solution to: f(x) = 0
boxed_table.ijs Build a boxed table of data
color.ijs Show colors in rgb/hexadecimal and number formats
edittable.ijs Edit a table of data using QTableWidget
lists.ijs Create lists of data
numeric.ijs Numeric utilities
plots.ijs Plot tools
save_reteive_data.ijs Save and retrieve data (ie: nouns) from the workspace to a keyfile
select.ijs Selecting data form a list
showgrid.ijs Show data in a grid -using isigrid
showtable.ijs show table data using QTableWidget
text_to_numeric.ijs Text data to numeric data


B bdiff, bisection, boxedtable
D data, data_table, datas, dltLastBox, dp, dtDots
E edittable, extend, extenda
F fdiff, filesList, filesListn
H hexcolor, hextonumber, hextorgb
I ip, ip1, ip_1, ipneg1, ipneg_1
L log1y
N nounsloc, nounsTable, nounsTableRetrieve, numbercolor, numbertohex, numbertorgb
O onesd
P plotfn, plotjhsshow, plotkeys, plotlink, plotm, plotnone, plotshow, plotsize, plotsizedefault
R retrieveData, retrieveData1, retrieveDataTemp, rgbcolor, rgbtonumber, round
S saveData, saveData1, saveDataTemp, sel, selb, selb1, selb2, selb3, selb4, selb5, selx0, selx1, selx2, selx3, selx4, selx5, sely0, sely1, sely2, sely3, sely4, sely5, showgrid, showtable, signchange, steps