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Use the Finexec scripts and definitions to solve problems and develop your own definitions and projects. The scripts and definitions can be copied, modified as required for a project.


The J Application Libray (JAL) addons require to be installed.
The Finexec scripts are installed in the folder:~addons/finance/finexec
Individual scripts can then be used for a task or project.
Review the documentation for a script and definitions.

Loading Finexec Scripts

Finexec scripts require to be individually loaded for a task or project. 
Generally Finexec scripts are loaded into the base locale.
eg: load '~addons/finance/finexec/basicfinance/simple.ijs'
Check the script scource for details.
eg: open '~addons/finance/finexec/basicfinance/simple.ijs'

If required a script can be loaded to another locale.
eg: load_simple_ '~addons/finance/finexec/basicfinance/simple.ijs'
Check the source script any load details.

Any dependencies for a script are listed and loaded.

Finexec Information

To get information in a J session run:
  load 'finance/finexec'


Load the script: load '~addons/finance/finexec/basicfinance/simple.ijs'
The defintions are in the base locale: names ''
Check the script for load details.
    0.05 st 1 2 3
1.05 1.1 1.15 


Load a calculator:
  load '~addons/finance/finexec/calculators/explife/explifeb.ijs'

Updated: 2022-05-22