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Finexec documentation is provided at three levels:
  1) category
  2) script
  3) definition

1) Category
Category documentation provides an overview of the subject or task covered in the caterory and a list of scripts. 
For example: Basic Finance
The categories are installed in the folder: dir '~addons/finance/finexec'
Category scripts are in sub-folders. eg: dir '~addons/finance/finexec/basicfinance'
A category folder may can have other sub folders and files eg:
(a) terminology file that sets out the meaning and usage of terms in the definitions
(b) docs
(c) eqs 
(d) tutes

2) Script
Script doscumentation provides an overview of the definitions for a subject or task covered in the script.  
For example: simple.ijs
The script J scource can also be viewed. eg: Script source: simple.ijs
A script may have equations for its definitions.
View Source Script
The source script can be viewed in Qt and JHS IDE front ends.
eg: Qt IDE: open '~addoms/finance/finexec/basicfinance/simple.ijs'
eg: JHS IDE:edit '~addons/finance/finexec/basicfinance/simple.ijs'

3) Definition
Definition documentation is provided in the scripts.
For example: (R)rt(T)
Definition documentation provides detailed information for its application.
Examples are used to show the application of a definition. 
Definitions can have tacit or explicit forms.
Definitions may also have several other forms: monadic and dyadic.

Search Finexec

Finexec scripts can be searched for keywords, phrases and text to find subjects and definitions for a problem or project.
Use the Edit | Find in Files in the Term window.
Search in the folder: ~addons/finance/finexec to start.

Updated: 2022-05-23