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Updated: 2022-05-22
Definitions for simple,compound and continous interest rate problems with a constant and variable interest rates over a period.


compound.ijs Compound interest definitions for constant effective interest rates
compoundv.ijs Compound interest definitions for variable effective interest rates
force.ijs Force of interest definitions (Continous compounding)
fundprojection.ijs Fund projection using the Fold conjunctions F: and F.
fundprojection_a.ijs Fund projection using the Fold conjunctions F:. and F..
lease.ijs Definitions for lease calculations
loan.ijs Definitions for loan calculations, plots and schedules
loanschedule.ijs Loan schedule using Fold conjunctions F: and F.
rba.ijs Reserve Bank of Australia formula for calculating value of securities
ruleof78.ijs Rule of 78
simple.ijs Simple interest definitions for a constant simple interest rate
timeline.ijs Time line plot of a cash flow


A an, an0, anD, anF, anvF
D d
E econvf, econvg, effectiveFromSimple, effectiveFromSimple_T, enominal, ev, evt, ez
F f, f, fc, fct, fct1, fct1_E, fct_E, fn, fproj, fproj_a, fproj_a_l, fproj_l, ft, fvcf, fvcfv
G g, gc, gct, gct1, gct1_E, gct_E, gn, gt
L leasePmt, leasePmtShd, leaseR, loanBal, loanLevelPmt, loanLevelPmtEffRate, loanMonthlyPmt, loanMonthlyPmtShd, loanTerm, loanTermMonths, loanVarPmtsEffRate, lshd, lshd_a
P plotLoanMonthlyPmtShd, pvcf, pvcfv
R r, rba_bond, rba_tb, rba_tb_capital_index, rba_tn, rba_tn_yield, rconvf, rt, ruleof78
S s, setiv, setiv_a, setv, simpleFromEffective, simpleFromEffective_T, sirate, sirate_E, sn, sn1, snD, snF, st
T timelinecf
U u, uu, uu_a
V v, v, vf0, vf1, vt, vv, vv_a, vvt
W w, wt, wvt
Z ze