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Script: ~Finexec_docs/actuarialnonlife_docs.ijs
Updated: 2022-05-22
Tools for non life actuarial tasks. Tasks are generally shown as examples using tools to solve the problem. Example data is usually presented as zzz.xlsx and zzz.csv files. Scripts and definitions for actuarial non-life include: * general insurance * data arrays


chain_ladder_INBR_claims.ijs Chain ladder calculation of IBNR claims
data_arrays.ijs Definitions for creating data arrays by codes
gi_tools.ijs Tools for general insurance tasks.
matrix_tools.ijs Definitions for matrix manipulation


A avg_dev
B bottom_triL, bottom_triR
C chl_dev_ratios, chl_proj, cumm_sum_columns, cumm_sum_rows
D darray, darray1, darray2, darray3, darray4, darray5, darray6, darray7, darray8, data_codes
I index_sum_count, inf_fac, inf_pmts
L left_tri
M mat_det, mat_id, mat_inv, mat_mult, max
N nubsum, nubsum_all, nubsum_code
R right_tri, rotate1, rotate2, rotate3, rotate4
T T1, top_triL, top_triR